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Saturday, May 28, 2005



ohmygod. I can't imagine losing my dog. My deepest sympathies, miss. :(

On an upnote...Klimt is one of my faves as well!


Lovely Illo...I am SO sorry for the loss of your dog...I am glad he is no longer suffering. :(


O... I hope you know already how deeply sympathetic I am about your beloved little Barley. My heart aches for you and your family. I know you will miss him desperately and I know you did the best you could for him... and releasing him from his pain is a good thing. I'm so, so sorry Dianne.

With a lump in my throat, I'm sending you lots of love and comfort,

Melanie xoxo


i'm sorry for your loss as well. i love gustav klimt too and am envious of the love he portrays.


The combination of Klimt and the girl is nice:-)


So sorry about Barley. It's so hard to see them in pain, and it's so hard to lose them. I ache for you all.


I'm sure you spoiled your beloved Barley rotten. He passed away a happy puppy. BTW, where can I find a love like that in the illustration ? I think we all want a special someone in our lives.
Great idea and illustration !
Now I'm all misty eyed...

Paige Keiser

Ohhh I'm so sorry about your dog. We had to put our dog to sleep after years of batteling lung problems. We had had him for 15 years and he was my best buddy as a child. I feel like my childhood died when he did.


You said all along that he was just waiting, and so it happened the way it was supposed to. It doesn't make it any easier though.


Very cute idea for your illustration. Glad Barley was able to hang on until Adam got home...


great illo, love the combo. so sad about barley, don't worry, my tinkerbell, gypsy, and noodles will take great care of him:(


it is very difficult time of course but when we think that Barley was suffering from bone cancer too much it is really good news..(I can`t even believe that I am saying that!:(..but I think that`s true.)


Even tho sending a beloved pet on his way is always hard to do, I'm sure Barley appreciates what you did for him. He is in good company...


My sympathies on the loss of your beloved dog! I'm sure that he had the most loving home that other dogs would ENVY.
:c (

Kelly Gibbons

So so about your beloved Barley--losing a pet is always so rough. You are in my thoughts.

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