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Saturday, May 07, 2005



The feeling of nostalgia is such a strong emotion, isn't it? I haven't felt that with Sydney yet, but I have felt it at different times in my life...revisiting my high school, or the summer camp I went every summer. It will be strage to feel it someday in connection with my children. Very cool that Ross prefers OSU...good choice!
BTW, I love your last illustration! It's SO cute, and it made me laugh!

Barbara W. Klaser

Some events sure make you wonder where the years go, don't they?


there is only the present and you ARE that 17-year old girl!


I didn't go to college...and don't have children...but I still struggle with the disconnect between my younger self and my present one. :) Go Beavers!


I think it would be a difficult bridge to build between your past at Oregan State and the present with your son. It is strange when we bring loved ones to a place that we knew before they were in our lives.


That would be a very strange feeling. I hadn't been up to UW for several years, and then lately, there have been several gymnastics meets at Hec Ed Pavilion. (including state)That felt weird to go back--all those memories!

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