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Friday, May 27, 2005



Oh, Diane, I am SO sorry to hear about Barley. I know how much you must miss him! How comforting, though, that the whole family could be there with him at the end.


I'm so sorry to read about Barley. A year and 11 days ago we said goodbye to our lovely great dane lady. Something I did for myself was go to petsmart (any place where you can get an engraved id tag) and made an ID tag with her name and dates on it. The tag is on my keyring now, so I have her with me whereever I go. Since we've had so many fur children in our family, I'm also going to make a windchime with their ID tags.

Healing wishes to you and your family.


So very sorry to hear about your dog. We had to put our dog of 13 years down when I was 13, so I understand the sadness around putting down a family pet who feels like a member of the family. I also understand you not wanting him to be in pain anymore.


Gorgeous photo--I am a big stained glass fan. A heartfelt au revoir to Barley. He will be free from pain and at peace.


Diane, I'm so sorry to hear the news about your dog. It is always so sad when a faithful companion has to leave us. Hugs to you and your family.


what a gorgeous window! I can't find a thing........ as usual.

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