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Tuesday, May 10, 2005



I'll send Bonnie white lite too! I totally believe in that and in the power of positive prayer.

love and light,


My daughter and I got started on pink light... she definitely preferred pink to white, even though she was never an especially girly girl! Transitions/changes are challenging. I hope you, your daughter and your son navigate them with excitement and without terror.


I like that white light thing. I've used it before, too, and I sense a lot of comfort as a result. I suppose it sounds a little, well, wiccan or something, but even aspects of THAT intrigues me. I think all of us sending vibes, prayers, love, and white light will definitely help Bonnie.


Thanks all...Bonnie is flying home Monday and we will be working on the details of some 'issues'...

I do appreciate all of you sending your thoughts and prayers her way. I think it is very powerful to have many people coming together this way...


I'm sending her and you lots of positive thoughts. I hate worrying, but do a lot of it anyway!


oops. I meant vibing, not vining!


o, I'm totally vining positively for Bonnie. And all the rest of you too! Hope things improve soon!


poor girl! Why do things always seem to go haywire at the end of the semester?

It's very powerful to have a mother who prays, in any sense of the word, and how amazing to dream of your Aunt Katie. I'll be sure to send her and you my 'good thoughts'.


I hope all is well with Bonnie. She should be flying home soon, no?


Thanks, Marilyn...I could really use it!


I'd be happy to. Can't tell you how many times I've surrounded myself and others with white light...I totally believe in the power of it. Hope things get better for her soon. (I'll send you some, too, while I'm at it. Worrying is no fun.)

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