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Wednesday, June 01, 2005



well, at least you had an excuse............

(Hope its getting better)


Now, just how many beer bottles did you empty before the full one fell on your foot????! LOL
Hope you're up and around soon.


You should have let ME drink that beer out of the bottle first before it got dropped!(I would have happily volunteered.) Hope it is soon on the mend and you're back on your feet.


Oh! Poor toe! Glad it's not broken! Hope it heals quickly...don't you have Ross's graduation coming up? That would be bummer to have to manage that on crutches!


oh oh oh OUCH! Hope it is feeling better today . . .


OUCH! Sounds very painful.... good to know it's not serious... hope you are up and around soon.


And bummer! It sounds like you didn't even get to enjoy much (or any?) of that beer!

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