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Friday, June 24, 2005



Hi, found you through Stephanie. My parents live up in the Portland area and I was just talking to my dad about how out of control the Street of Dreams has become. Once upon a time, the houses were actually the sorts of places that could optimistically inspire. Now they are just elitist. I was looking through the brochure, and there was an article on a family who had built one (he was the builder, she was in real estate). They had two children. The little boy had a LIFESIZE replica of a truck in his bedroom. What kind of reality are those kids being deluded into?


It must have been the week for the Oregon HBA to showcase homes because we had something similar here in town called the Tour of Homes. Lots of big houses on little lots, some of which had no backyards at all. Just a deck! There were a few on bigger lots (or acreage), and almost all had ideas that I could use in my house. It's so much fun to look through homes!


I agree that a smaller home on a larger lot is the way to go. However, I think we're in the minority here. Most folks that buy in the new housing market want as much house as they can fit on their lot and the developers aren't about to give up land where they could have built yet one more house. We live in a sweet 1500 sq. foot home with a huge backyard and we spend so much time outdoors. Besides, a bigger house would mean more cleaning for me!


When we were house hunting in Portland in the late 90's, all we saw were these huge houses on zero lot lines. Very depressing if you have kids who like to ride bikes, play in the yard, etc. The houses were fantastic, but it would've been a difficult transition after living on a 1/2 acre in Memphis with a 40 foot swimming pool. Our lot in NY is small, the smallest we've ever owned, but it's enough for the kids. Of course, I'd give anything for a MB suite w/ bath and new kitchen1


We have SOD around here too and they HAVE gotten more and more outrageous. My husband is a stair builder in those ultra expensive houses and the lots are indeed tiny. (how does one have a pet, a barbeque, play croquet, etc...) Our yard is enormous in comparison!


re lot sizes...I'm continually amazed being back on the mainland how I keep seeing all these housing developments with (what seem to me) HUGE homes...that seem to be about 8 feet from their neighbor's McMansion. I just don't get the appeal. I'm much rather live modestly on a big ol' piece of land.

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