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Friday, June 10, 2005



I love the way you mix illustration and photo. Great interpretation. Bikinis sure make summer!


Looks like she's set for summer, great illustration.


hello! the illustration could have been a great billboard along the metro roads! and i really find the wholeness of your page very homey.. nice feeling! you're very talented.. your illustrations intimidate me big time. i am very amateur to this.
if you have time, please be my first illustration's critic! i personally choose you because you are great. i have to warn you i only used the programs Paint and MS Word. :( I lack resources.. good day! more works from you!



I want her bikini! :) Clever idea mixing up a photo with an illo. Well done!


Bend is lovely...my folks owned a house at Sun River decades ago. But my quirkiest Bend memory was the time we were there for my boyfriend to play a 4th of July gig...we all stepped outside on the break to watch the fireworks...and next thing we knew, the hill where they were shooting them from was on FIRE! Kinda put a damper on the show when the fire trucks showed up... :)


Love that photo! I also love the hair on the girl!Great movement!


I love Bend! How interesting to have the interns. I would love to hear more about what you have learned from this experience.


Bend is definitely one of those places that's fun to visit just about any time of the year, but I'm partial to visiting in the summer (since I'm not keen on snow).
That's good news your new houseguest is fitting in...we never had exchange students when I was growing up, but I think it's something I'd like to do many years down the road.
Thanks for the nice comment. You are most certainly right about the guardian angels. I think Syd must have a slew of them protecting her, thankfully!
Have fun in Seattle!


great bazooms! love oregon at any time, nothing better than a childhood memory of flying kites on the coast near portland. hope the weather in seattle holds for you!


I sure wish I looked that good in a leopard print bikini ! That water does look inviting. I've always liked a few clouds in the sky, gives it some character, y'know.

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