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Wednesday, June 29, 2005



Sounds like you are supermom too, all those capes at a birthday party! My dad was a superhero named Junior Miss as a kid--he didn't find out until he was a teenager that Junior Miss was the name of the local beauty pageant.


with all these pretty days now this is such a meaningful illo.. it is so well done and really cute :)


very sweet illo and love what you've written about it's origins.


What a lovely illustration and lovely sentiment behind it. Makes me want to give my daughter lots of fairy princess parties.


Aww, so cute! I bet you are his hero!


What a cute illo! Your son is such a dear. It reminds me of my son Ryan who loved dressing up as Robin all the time...he's 27 now and i don't think he does that anymore.

Love, Violette


hhahhaa, oh this is so cute and your son looks adorable there. My oldest son went through his superhero phase too. He was batman for a couple of his early years. He would go EVERYWHERE in his costume.


i'm a sucker for superman. cool!


i like it, is very nice



Comment dissapeared ... This reminds me of the day I had small Spidermen running around the house :) Nice illustration!


This warms my heart and reminds me about the day I had several Spidermen running around the house. Lovely image :)


playing dress-up is awesome fun! i'd still do it if i wouldn't be committed to the local institute :D great illo


I still wish I had super powers ! This is a delightful illustration, but you forgot the cat.


It's amazing how little boys love to dress up as their superheroes. Sounds like you were a super Mother making all those costumes. Great illustration of your son Adam.


Nicely done. He looks confident yet humble, like a true hero would be. Love the personal info and picture - it's nice to know more about the genesis of an illustration.

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