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Saturday, June 04, 2005



I might just have to do this...

Lady K

I dare you to go up to the door and introduce yourself and thank them for the beauteous colors they are bringing to the neighbourhood. I bet you they hear complaints all the time but rarely compliments.

Or you could do half the dare and just leave them an arty note with your blog and contact info. I would lay odds that they would invite you in and then we could all see the inside....

Stumbled on your post via Violette's..


It reminds me of a house in a nearby town. The owner painted it purple, blue yellow, pink and green. He did it purely to annoy the neighbors, and as he was a doctor using it for his office he didn't have to live with the results! *LOL* He's long since retired and the new owners have painted over it. Now I regret not getting a photo. This little house is cute and seems to be occupied by someone creative. Lucky house, if not lucky neighbors!

Barbara W. Klaser

There used to be one near where I worked that was a lovely orchid color. I always liked that.

Right now all the jacarandas in our neighborhood are blooming. Gotta love purple!


I have to say that I kind of like this little purple house. I think that it can work in a small house. And this person must be artsy...just look at that cool yard art! This was in Portland in the Multnomah neighborhood.


Hey! i have a magic cottage that is very very purple! I think the neighbours do shudder however by the same token i shudder when i look at their beige houses. Different strokes for different folks i always say!

Love Violette


this looks like violette's house in canada!
check out her site....



What a neat purple house. It even has two little skylights or dormers that look like eyes. Oh yeah, nice touch of yellow ochre to offset all the blues.


Clearly, they don't have a Homeowner's Association-:) My husband always says, "I may not want you to paint your house PURPLE, but I defend you're right to do it!"


Just curious...which neighborhood? (It makes me wonder if the neighbors shudder every time they drive by it...ha!)


Wow! Purple indeed!


That is very, very purple. I love the color, but on a house...

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