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Monday, June 20, 2005



Gorgeous weather?...in JUNE?...in PDX?! :) I LOVE summers in Portland...so much to do...and so many great events held outside. Glad to hear Bonnie had such a great visit...I'll bet that month she was home really flew by.


What a wonderful time to have the whole family together! I remember those summers when my siblings and I were all home from college and got to hang out for awhile. Good memories, probably for my parents too :)

Hope your cut heals quickly!


You seem to be so "in the moment" with your kids and I think that is so great. How wonderful that your relationships have grown into something so special.


It is wonderful to have those special family times with adult(or nearly) children.We had one too at home on Saturday night--just sitting around chatting and watching a film together. The weather has been gorgeous!

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