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Saturday, July 30, 2005



Those couches look fantastic! Love that color of blue. And those pillows (especially the bee one) just make me happy looking at them. It would be too much fun to be a couch potato on those couches :)


Beautiful colors. What lovely windows you have too! You're right about the little things making a difference. Especially bathroom and kitchen little things.

Jenny Vorwaller

oh i love love love the butterfly pillows! :O)


It's beautiful-I love the blue! It's my favorite color. I've been waiting for two years to get my hardwood in the family room; our carpet needs replacing there and I thought we had decided to put in hardwood. (but my husband is dragging his feet--it's a lot of work and money!)


Lovely. Looking forward to seeing the paint job and refinished deck.


Diane, it looks beautiful. I can't wait to see more photos. Living through the renovations, etc can be aggravating but the rewards are worth it!


Very nice! I like the way the red cushions are a subdued shade...fits in wonderfully with the sofa.

Even when relatively happy with the old, it is such fun to renew a favorite space and make it even better...

Looking forward to pictures of the outside when it's done....

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