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Wednesday, July 06, 2005



The Pacific Northwest was definitely smiled upon this 4th of July. What a specimen day! And yup, we had our fair share of "buy in Washington" fun fireworks!

As far as Tom Cruise... he can kiss my Prozac!


The problem with War of the Worlds (besides starring Tom, who seems to have destroyed his reputation while quadrupling his media attention), was that I felt I'd seen it before. That scene in the basement escaping the eye? Right out of Jurassic Park, in the kitchen with the raptors. I was disappointed in Spielberg, which doesn't happen often!


Tom Cruise really annoys me too and I love the mortars. They are the really pretty flower ones, right? Mortar is an incongruous name for them.


Can you even remember the last time we had such nice weather on the fourth of July? Glad your fourth was fabulous. We usually watch the show at Ft. Vancouver, but not this year.
And count me in on being sick of Tom Cruise too. :)


I'm sick of Tom Cruise too, so I can see why you were just luke warm on the experience. Sounds like your 4th was very enjoyable with your guys.

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