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Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Great story about the housepaint. Might you post a photo when it's done so we can all "ooh" and "aah"?

Can Ross be cloned?? :)


I adore pale green houses. There is a green one down the street that I walk by every morning; I have mentally dubbed it "The Chateau". Here's hoping it turns out the way you've pictured it! (My house is a suspiciously purple shade of "colonial gray".


That sense of accomplishment is great, isn't it? I love it when the lawn is mowed and the flower beds are weeded--at the SAME time! The colors sound perfect; I have such trouble deciding. I need to look at other houses' paint jobs too. Great idea.


A facelift for your house - how nice! Isn't it funny how we are hesitant to approach strangers about stuff like paint on a house, but look how your acquaintance loved knowing that someone admired what she'd done with her house.

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