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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Ian C Thomas

This would've done for "Summer" too! I love your colour choices and the composition - this has just the right feel to be the cover for a chillout CD, so you got "Tranquility" down!


Beautiful colors. I like the blue sky against the sand. Water and beaches are so relaxing.


love the colours and layout, would make a funky poster i think! should try and sell this illo to a travel agency, cuz it sells!


I can almost hear the lapping of the waves as they come into shore. Very evocative !


Great illo and great post! I agree with you about the beaches in sarasota-- so pretty (as long as you are facing the oceans, natch).


Oh, your illo bring me pretty memories about enjoyed time on the beach.
Thank you!!


i love the colors you used!


Yes, I love it, beach and sea shells. Very nice.


Shoreline walking IS so very peaceful and calm! I love your illo. It really makes me want to head for the beach!


I really LOVE this illu. It's making me wanna go right back to Provence, but I better stay at home for a while ;-)

Have another trip to the beach. You can never have too many trips to the beach, can you? ;-)


Ah, lovely. I love the clouds and the mist at the shoreline!


Can't argue with about Cary Grant...hmmm


I really like your illustration, great use of bold colours.


I love to hang out on the beach. Unfortunately the beaches in Finland aren't that great...
I also love old movies, especially the ones with Audrey Hepburn, she's one of my favorite actresses.
Great illo!


Won't get any argument here about the joys of wandering a Caribbean beach. Then again, in the right weather, a walk along the Willamette's downtown waterfront is no slouch either. :) I spent years renting movies from the Portland public library system. It was a fabulous way to see tons of movies, for free!


Cary Grant is, as my younger daughter would say, yummy. The weather couldn't be more perfect, could it? I can run, garden, sit outside and read and be completely comfortable.

Frank Manheim

Visiting for first time- very interesting. I may need illustrators for future music publication. Any classical buffs around?


Love that movie. If you're a Cary Grant fan, rent Suspicion and Houseboat.


Sarasota.. ah. Long boat key the sand is devine. grind your feet in there for a while and its like an instant pedicure! ahhhh.. Nice illo!

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