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Monday, July 04, 2005



Great illo! No wonder you were a cheerleader, you seem to be a very happy and outgoing person!


Ra Ra Ra! It is a great illo! shhhssh boom ba


hahahha, very cute. I could never do the splits so I never even braved trying out for cheerleading.


Yes, this is supposed to be Oregon State U. cheerleaders, though I didn't do the cheerleader thing in college but I did go to Oregon State.

And my cheerleading days were a long time ago...none of the life-threatening gymnastics for us; just a bunch of ra-ra-ra!


Very cute illo! I was a cheerleader too! I didn't want to illustrate this since i don't really like sports...didn't dawn on me that i could do cheerleaders..doh!


I'm assuming these are Oregon State cheerleaders, yes? Too cute.


Those girls have a lot of team spirit. Go OSU!

I thought about being a cheerleader in highschool, but they were all super athletic gymnist sorts...way too talented for me!


Oh, so fun! Your girls always have *perfect* hair! I love it!


Yeah!! - I'm glad someone gave a nod to cheerleaders. They're hard working and very talented. I like your picture a lot - really nice. So, is the OSU Oklahoma State University...the Cowboys...? Just curious.


You are outgoing and peppy and I bet you were a great cheerleader!


oi! I´v never meet a cheerleader...well..not on internet or in real life, heee, its kinda funny ur illo, i like it =)


i figure anything that works up a sweat is a sport! we don't really do cheerleading up here...so for me it's an unknown sport, seen only in teen movies and during NFL season...how come the NHL doesn't get cheerleaders? i guess cuz they make more $, the owners figure they have enough incentive to play well!

Sultry Painter

Good thing you weren't in Texas... they'd've insisted you get dumb costumes and dance without moving... Well, at least they would have tried.

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