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Wednesday, July 20, 2005



wow, I'm so sorry. Close-mindedness is never a good thing, and it's certainly not something that I believe God is in favor of - I just feel sorry for people who have it all figured out, you know? Because I'm certainly on a journey and who the hell knows where I'll end up!


wow-- violet, who knew we were related?! Your brother sounds exactly like members of my family and I must say your future approach will work wonders-- I just don't see them anymore and it works wonders.

Ian C. Thomas

While we don't appear to share a belief system, I definitely think we share some aesthetic sensibilities! I love your colours and the decisions you've made regarding outlines vs. no outlines in different parts of the picture. The hand holding the book conveys a lot of expression. This is really cute and funny! Is she going to hit someone with this book? :)


This made me chuckle for more than one reason. First of all, I love the illustration! Very funny. Second of all, one of my cousins is studying to be a Catholic priest and is the same way as your brother. Uck.


Hold on tight to your own and 'save' yourself from others' beliefs!


As Wayne Dyer says, "friends are God's way of making up for family." And you have a good many friends, my dear. I have a similar situation with my husband's sister and her husband. Instead of religion, they like to belittle my political beliefs and treat me as though I'm too stupid to understand. In fact, I think you actually came to my aid with kinds words on my blog when I had to deal with them a while back-:) There is no winning in a situation like this and we all have points where we can no longer just shut up and smile at the insults and then you just have to let him have it! But I know it takes forever for the hurt feelings to mend. I'm so sorry you had to be on the receiving end of his disrespect.


This is why religion is such a turn-off for me. Every encounter I've ever had with a zealot (which I suppose a priest would have to be), has been totally negative. How sad your brother resorts to this, but I've also had friends and family belittle my (lack) of belief. I think it's great you "let him have it"!


Beliefs are one of the only things that don't need proof or evidence... So they are "unassailable"... whether they make sense or not. Each of us knows what makes sense to us, and with maturity and wisdom, can be gentle with those who make sense of different things. Best wishes... and lighthearted illo.


well, i had experienced the same thing a long time ago and i also stayed away. i am the younger one that's why...but it was hard. time heals all wounds and later on, my brother have become more nicer to me.


Oh jeeze louise! That is so obnoxious! I hate it when people force their dogma upon others, under the guise of 'saving you.'

I like your karma illo though!


I've been there many a time with my own brothers and sister. They think I'm hellbound and the only way out is their beliefs! I've got to the point where I laugh (internally) at their notions and just smile.

I'm sorry your brother doesn't see the hurt he causes you. I wonder if he would be this "free" with his feelings with a person that was visiting his church. I'd imagine it would be a very small congregation... Family can be SO unfamily-like. Thank goodness there are friends and fellow blogger friends out there!!!


You had talked to me about him when we met and were anticipating this very occurence. It is infuriating, wrong and I believe un-Christian to belittle someone else's beliefs. He does sound like a pill!


Oh, it's so awful to have your beliefs belittled. I'm so sorry! I know how you feel since this happened to me just recently only it was a good friend who said my beliefs were ridiculous. Ugh. Too bad it's harder to get rid of relatives :(

--I was typing up this comment when I received yours...great minds think alike :) And sorry to hear that Ross has gone off to work. He's been such a big help to you this summer!


catholics are notorious for their self-righteousness (i should know, i am one!:D) but sounds like he went way past a firmness of belief. ignorance and intolerance are not traits encouraged in the bible! make him come grovelling back when he realizes what a heel he was!


So much for tolerance for others' beliefs, huh? That's too bad that you had such an infuriating exchange with him. Sounds like you're smart to just stay away.

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