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Saturday, July 23, 2005



Oh, I ache at your loss of your laptop. I just got mine back in Feb. or March and I can't imagine not having MY BELOVED LAPTOP. (What, they don't live forever?) Sure hope you didn't lose anything vital.


Hey Laura,

I only WISH this was my artwork...no, these are from a set of antique German postcards that I bought on eBay. They are from around 1920, I think. Aren't they the coolest?


Because I am still sorta new to your blog, you'll pardon my ignorance--is that your own work, or did you find it somewhere? Love it.


I love the new banner and I can be all those things; I am as Leo as one gets! Sorry to hear about your laptop. We are going to be laptop/printer shopping for our college kid next month--any advice?

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