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Sunday, August 28, 2005



That sounds touching. Poor Bonnie. The three of us are having a tough time thinking about going to school this year--too many changes.


Thanks for the heads up on the Brothers Grimm--- I will definitely wait for video so I can fast forward through what I don't like.

Milliners Dream

Just found you through a comment you left on Marilyn's blog.

We have a bit in common (married 21 years to a great guy, live in the NW, and we're both Cancer--I'm born in July), and things not so in common (I'm oldest of 3 kids--you and less artistic!) but look forward to reading you.



Thanks for the review of Grimm. Glad to know not to waste the money.


I love the Blessing of the Animals mass ("mass" in my case, but "service" I suppose to others.) Brings a big smile when I see the little ones bring their pets. The kids who bring the gold fish bowls always make me repress a little chuckle.


I've never heard of people taking their pets to church. It's been at least 30 years since I went to church, so what people do there has apparently changed some or my experience was narrow. Perhaps some churches always had these types of special days.

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