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Tuesday, August 02, 2005



someone gave me a "Purple Hat Lady Bear" when I turned fifty this winter.

I can't tell you how much I hate that thing!

Ian C Thomas

She looks happy and happening still, so aging is definitely to do with attitude in your picture. I really like your colour choices (always do)and the way you work with flat colour. She's a cute character - a bit like a paper doll - though I have some reservations about her right hand/arm (maybe there needs to be a bit of elbow there or something). A happy and lively pic!


I love this! And I love the poem it's all based on: "When I'm old, I shall wear purple with a red hat..."


Is that what that's about? I always wondered. Great illo! :0)


so THAT'S who those women are! i see them on tv at different events, and i thought they were just being...well, i really don't know! fun idea

Kay Susan

Shoot! I'm wearing all the wrong colours!


I didn`t know anything about Red Hat Society but it sure is fun :)she is so cute !:))


just learned about that red hat society some days ago. so cute illustration and she's having fun. violet is really your color and it's a good match in her red hat....


;D I've never heard of the Red Hat Society either, but it sounds great. Fun illo!


50 old? Since when? ^-^ I am having the time of my life!


Hey, who you callin' (50 years) old?! :) Don't worry, fifty isn't nearly as awful as I feared it would be...ha! Cute illo.


She is a very young looking old lady--I like her!


Yeah for the Red Hat Society Ladies, clever idea and great illustration.


I never heard about the Red Hat Society ladies, but she look very young and happy... Sweet illo !!


I hadn't heard of the Red Hat Society ladies until about a year ago and man, now that I know about them, I see chapters everywhere! Very cute illo.

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