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Thursday, August 25, 2005



It is not a dirty stab, it is wonderful!


Those history, science and English texts are always a pain to haul around. I don't know what kids do without lockers...break their backs, I guess.

The colors of your illo go so perfectly together...lovely job. And your new banner is the sweetest. I love how you blended the blues and greens.


lovely colors!


It´s enough for me, simple and cool, nice work !

Ginger Nielson

Only half an hour? This is a beautiful image. The colors, the thought and the peacefulness of the mood are all so lovely.


What classes is he taking this year?

Kay Susan



I love this - your reflection is so cool.

Poor Ross with those books. Not only are they heavy but they're expensive. I was in the bookstore at work (I work at a college) and I couldn't believe how much a textbook costs these days!


I love the colors and the shadow. Poor Ross and poor all kids. Why do texts have to be so big and heavy in today's computer age?


but i love it! so sweet in it's simplicity, and great colour combo:D

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