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Monday, August 01, 2005



I love stories like this - thanks for sharing. And I love Grandma's dream about Vic - too funny! Intuition is such a powerful tool, I'm glad you were tuned in to the right channel.

Ian C Thomas

I think your traffic light story has a lot to do with intuition - that you sensed that this was about to happen (and there could be scientific reasons for why) and you actually acted on it. It's odd the stories people have along these lines. Trust your intuition!

The Vic anecdotes are interesting - a kind of "spirit of place" story.


So glad you listened to your intuition. My sister's sister in law just had an amazing experience with a psychic at a fair who told her everything about her husband's recent passing. Had goosebumps just hearing about it!

shawn Wallace

that is a wonderful and amazing story. It is a hot afternoon, but your story gave me chills so now I am enjoying a sense of coolness.

Thank you for that wonderful story. I believe.


Yes, that's what I was going to say--being in tune, ready to listen, is as important as the message itself. Good for you.

I've always wished my Grandma would come visit me.


I really do believe in these connections. It's been a few years but every so often my mother will visit me in my dreams. She never says anything but usually pats my hand the way she always did, as if to tell me things will be fine. Wish she'd show up more often....


I have had feelings like that before too, sitting at stop lights. The way people are driving, red doesn't mean stop anymore. Scary, isn't it? I'm glad that you had that premonition.


Good for you for listening to your intuition. I'm a believer in angels, too. Glad yours were alert! :)

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