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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Barbara W. Klaser

I think others do visit us in our dreams. My family and friends are with me a lot in my dreams--those still living and those who've gone on. I used to have a boss who mentored me, and after he passed away he used to appear in my dreams sometimes--often when I had some important career choice to make. I like to think he just kept on mentoring me after he died.

Great illustration and story! Thank you.


As I've posted here before, my mother comes to visit in my dreams, but not nearly as often as I would like. I remember having a similar dream as yours where she came to visit after she died and the sense I got from it was that everything was okay. Feel lucky that you have that connection!


I have heard so many stories like that; the skeptic in me wonders, is it a feature of the human brain to conjure comfort in dreams? The faithful me thinks, the dead have compassion on us, even in the midst of their new adventures.


Wonderful illustration!
And how touching your story is.


That's horrible. One time a couple months after my brother killed himself, I had a dream that he came to my door and talked to me about how he was doing OK. It seemed so real that I was comforted by that.


What a sweet, yet poignant and sad post.


i'm so conflicted...was laughing my butt off at your illo then the next moment devastated for you. dreams are so wonderful, they entertain, scare, and help us resolve emotions within ourselves...i'm glad that in your dreams you found peace.
thank you for sharing.


What a sad and yet comforting story. Your stories of life beyond death are so intriguing and have been of some help to me in these past several months that I've experienced losing loved ones.

How ironic that the place where you experienced healing is now suffering from such loss.

rebecca lopez

A very moving story and a wonderful illustration.

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