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Wednesday, September 07, 2005



Wonderful illustration for this topic. I just love hearing stories of family. I think it's so important to know your history.


I don't know if I have commented before on this but if I did forgive me... Great job on the illo/collage and great story, thanks for sharing!


I admire your family greatly, and what an inspiring story. It would make a wonderful book.

Sultry Painter Woman

So: when will you write this family story so that children (especially) can understand self-reliance, adaptability, family and cooperation? In light of what is going on in New Orleans, it would be helpful to read about how people coped with having to give up their perfectly good house for "the greater good."


Such a sad story. My Dutch friend tells much the same history of the war years. The illustration goes so well with your family history.


wow.. i luv hearing survival stories from the WWs.. ive been visiting your blog thru IF and havent realized till now that you were Dutch.. hmm.. im just amazed at the rich art and history the Dutch has.

having a slow server, your illo gradually appeared from the top and i first thought the bg was from a painting of Vermeer, but having read your story, i learned its not.

I just Love Your illo so much...


Wonderful story. I love reading about family history


I like the dutch girl, and the picture behind. It's nostalgic.


Great history in your illo, thanks for sharing !


What a wonderful family and history to have.


That's what I think of when I think of roots too! I love that you know all about your family!


Wow, what an amazing background! The house looks so simple and lovely. I'd like to summer there, but without the Nazis.


Great. So interesting to hear a bit of the story from that house.


What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it with us!


That's what came to mind for me too--ancestry. But I don't think I'm going to get to it this time, sniffle.


Wow, I love the story that goes along with your illo! Your dutch girl is lovely!

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