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Sunday, September 04, 2005



I'm not surprised that the kids didn't know about the hurricane, but surprised no professors mentioned it. Then again, no one is barely mentioning it at work, either. Might interrupt our efficiency!!


wow-- the Tulane comment ties into what I've been ruminating on today is how students of all ages won't be able to return to school for months and months--- how long before lives return to some semblance of normality? I think it will be much longer than people realize!


i just cannot understand why there are places they would put a television and doesn't turn on the volume.

by the way, you are a virgo, have your birthday passed or just coming? have a nice celebration in case i miss greeting you and hoping all your wishes come true. i know a lot of virgo people that is why....


That is quite odd that Bonnie's instructors have not mentioned the hurricane. But what an interesting observation on Bonnie's part - watching the TV without sound and thinking it was another country. I can see how it would look like that. I too remember living in a bubble of sorts when I went to school, so I can sort of see how the majority of kids aren't talking about it. And I've been having thoughts along the same lines as Bonnie regarding school. What are all these kids going to do?


Our local social service agency, Neighborhood House, will probably work through the Red Cross...then our church will work through Neighborhood House.


I remember that little world at UW--but during the 70s we were all on a rampage about something somewhere. Are you getting refugees through your church? That sounds like a great idea.


How did you find out about the refugees? How can I find out more, do you know?


This is no judgment toward Bonnie, but her professors hadn't even mentioned it?! That's truly mind-boggling. I understand they need to focus on their education, but what could possibly be more educational (for all of us) than to bear witness to one of our country's biggest tragedies?

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