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Friday, October 28, 2005



I was surprised to see a blog with the Artesia Bakery delivery truck mentioned. I too enjoyed seeing John every week for our wonderful goodies delivered to our ranch. He was quite a character.
I so miss the Bakery. I used to have stuff mailed to me now that I live in Oregon and am deprived of my Dutch cookies,cakes and cheese.
I was raised in Artesia-Cerritos-Dairy Valley and remained the area until they chased the animals out then moved to Riverside until 1991. Hope to hear from you.


The meatballs are rolled and tossed into the soup raw, and cook in the broth. I also use green onions, carrots, pasta, green beans, and sometimes root vegetables (like parsnips) in the soup. I do use the beef maggi. And I start with beef stock.


Food memories are the best. I'm with you on the brussel sprouts. I cook them in butter with a pinch of brown sugar. But I'm the only one who eats them.

pioneer spirit

Can't wait to try brussel sprouts with nutmeg. My whole family loves them, even the kids and they're just now coming in season. Meatball soup sounds interesting. Do you fry the meatballs first? Are there any other additions, noodles, vegies? I assume you use the Maggi beef flavor?


i like gravy and mocha cake---uhmmmmm yummy yummy.

by the way, clicking your site from the blog site is not functioning, i just have your correct url from one of my blog where i have included you in my inspiring link(i hope you don't mind?)


Glad you got to meet Stephanie and Sydney--they both seem adorable. :)


One of the best features of the internet is the power to bring together people who might never have had the opportunity otherwise....^-^
Maybe we can meet during my next trip to the States....won't be until next May....from my perspective, Portland and Monroe are close neighbors!

I, too, love brussel sprouts...and did as a kid, too!!!
My favorite foods as a kid were my grandmother's vegetable soup and her apple pie...I remember as a very little girl going to Farmer's Market in San Francisco with her and my parents, and how she and my mom would spend the entire weekend making soup and pies and filling the freezer for future enjoyment.


The cookies sound like shortbread--yum! It is interesting what things we love from childhood. I was a fan of polenta, my grandma's homemade mac and cheese, my great-aunt's two day ravioli and a multitude of ethnic dishes from both sides of the family. However, I never learned to make any of them; that's the pity!


That's funny - MY Bonnie & I are the only ones in our house that like brussel sprouts - periodically we treat ourselves to them. Never had them with nutmeg, though - we'll have to try that sometime (I do like the meatballs with nutmeg in them.)


It was so wonderful to finally meet you too! It was such a relaxing time, and I think I could have stayed and talked for a few more hours (and I'm pretty sure Sydney would have liked to take your cat home too).

I'm already looking forward to the next time we meet up!

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