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Monday, October 31, 2005



I totally agree...which is why I LEAPED at the chance to be my niece's trick-or-treating chaperone. :)


Yes, I miss Halloween too, even though I'm not an empty-nester. It goes by virtually unnoticed in Australia. So, no pumpkin carving, decorations, Autumn leaves, little ones in costumes or even bags of candy! I'm thinking that maybe next year I'll do a little bit to celebrate..maybe put up some handmade decorations, and have a bowl of candy by the door, even if there aren't any trick-or-treaters! This year all I did was put on some festive socks with candy corn embroidery and wee pumpkin tags. (My husband doesn't even know what candy corn is!)


When I was a kid, we always had so much fun finding all the different pieces to make our costume *just right.* I don't think my mom ever made one for us, but we didn't have the fancy costumes that they have now. Just fun ones that we created out of this and that.

One thing about those plush baby costumes is that most of the time the babies don't much care for them. We'll see if Sydney is a little more thrilled next year :)


You should have been at our place last nice - we've got the hoo ha! The little boy went trick or treating and had a ball. I can see why you miss it!


I know exactly what you mean-- it's such a great holiday and inspires so much creativity! I will post soon about our events last night which were AWESOME! And, perhaps your town might do something similar which could bring the Wheeee back into your Halloween.


I miss it all, too. Julia went out, but for the first year of family life, we didn't have a jack o lantern because Julia never got around to picking it out and was too busy to carve it,

When I was pregnant with Julia, I was told to sit in a chair for the last three months. So I decided to make the other two kids' costumes, which involved standing for hours on end while I cut out lame in Halloween shapes and fused it to their ghost and witch costumes. Doctor explained that sitting in a chair meant SITTING in a chair. Oh. But it was so much fun!


I am waiting for pictures of my nieces and nephew....Cinderella, a Red Ninja, and a vampiress...all store bought, of course...sigh! Never made any costumes myself as no kids, but I do remember putting costumes together with my mom and going trick or treating on the Navy base where I went to school....trick or treating is just becoming the thing to do here in Japan, altho not in my neighborhood.


Ah, yes! The hoo-ha! I miss it, too. Even though I have the grandgirlies to ooo & aahh over, it's still not quite the same as being Halloween Central - Bonnie did sew a Poison Ivy costume (from Batman) for herself, & a Flamenco costume for a friend - the extent of my assisting in costuming was stitching on some braided trim - not nearly as exciting as the Ladybug, Angel, princess, etc. days! Enjoy what's left of your Halloween night (not even any good Halloween specials on tonight - what's this holiday coming to?)


My mom used to make a lot of the girls' costumes or we would do a book character by going to a thrift shop to get clothing. It was fun, but stressful. I miss it too.


I would too. No homemade costumes nowadays, with ready-made so much cheaper. I was thinking about that a few days ago--how when I was a baby, there were no adorable plush baby costumes. I wonder if that's a result of people having children later. Anyway, it is quite the children's holiday, although our neighbors are out there whooping it up with glasses of something stronger than pumpkin juice!

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