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Wednesday, October 05, 2005



A&W Root beer is my favorite! It used to be my favorite fast food place growing up; we no longer have one in my town.


I always got so excited when my parents would take us to A & W!! Why do Americans insist on eating in their cars? I fell fo rthe uniform, I started my working life at Baskin Robbins!


Rootbeer floats were the food of celebration in my family--good grades, end of vacation, end of school, birthdays, whatever. A&W was the best, until I discovered Henry Weinhard's old-fashioned.


I'm sure that A&W would be pleased about your brand loyalty! Nice renditiion of their logo and the FOAM.


I LUV A&W rootbeer....


I like it, so cool ¡¡¡

Jess K.

That's an awesome idea!


O! I loved the car hops at A&W. I loved it when they clipped that tray full o' frosty mugs to the car window. i remember that from many a long car trip when I was a wee thing!!! I still love A&W rootbeer... the diet stuff rocks. Also love A&W onion rings, but that is a rare treat these days. And in response to your comment on my page...87 degrees is hellish for October! We get plenty o' 100+ degree (farenheit) weather in the summer (in the Niagara Falls/ Greater Toronto Area... wine country!) and that's normal... but in October?!! It should be in the seventies (farenheit) and breezy, with no humidity and no smog.... and it's the humidity and the smog that really make it awful. The smog has been really, really bad this week (actually this entire summer has been horrific)... we are told it is all pollution from the US. I think you can have it back, we're done with it. Thank you though. It was eye-searing and suitably lung blackening. :^)


oh yes root beer floats! What an evocation of summertime . . . ahhh.


WOW, a recipe for my favorite soft drink! And I'd forgotten that those baskets came with cole slaw. A&W really did rock...maybe it still does... :)


hi! so we have both made root beer float and we also both love A&W-the only difference is that I think you can always have it everytime you have cravings for it and not for me-there's no root beer where i am now just sarsaparilla or sarsi that is seldom sold in asian stores.


what a fond memory...it's like the commercials :D i have a similar one, except mine was at the Boston Pizza which i managed and mixed margs...(hee hee...wasn't such a wholesome teen as you!) your float looks almost personified, the froth could pass as a blonde wig. it's screaming to me to go and find an A&W!


now THAT is a float! Yum! nice illustration.


I could go for a float... Been quite a while since I've been reminded of the old A&W places. Cool!

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