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Wednesday, October 12, 2005



I'm so sorry for Adam. I hope he feels better soon!

Your illustration is so cute. Maybe mr. pumpkin has eaten too much halloween candy!

Barbara W. Klaser

Oh my gosh! And the driver left? Thank goodness he's okay. I would think he can get in to see a dentist sooner than that, as an emergency.


This was a great idea, and a nice lead-in to my favorite holiday! :0)


THX for your comment i love to read it. :)


I love the glow inside the pumpkin. Poor Adam. Doesn't part of you want to get on a plane and fly there to take care of him? Admit it, Diane!


I love your illo... And, poor Adam. I hope he heals quickly, and can get into the dentist sooner rather than later.


Poor kid. At least you've brightened his day by having him be the inspiration for your illo. (Does he read your blog?)

I have a completely unrelated question for your hubby: who are Oregon Democrats excited by for '08? Just curious...McCain's getting a lot of ink down here right now...making some appearances with Schwarzenegger this week...stirring up talk about '08...


Cute and nice


Hope Adam gets better soon...poor fella...not fun having a sore mouth.

I love Mr Pumpkin and his 'lost' teeth. Good illio!


I LOVE it!!!!


Cute illustration, and so timely, too!

Hope Adam feels better and is back to 100% soon.

Charlotte Sinclair

Hey tell Adam that it happens to mummys as well
I was knocked of my bike on Oxford Street London last year and broke more than my teeth. No worries everything heals.

Keep grinning gaps and all.


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