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Thursday, October 27, 2005



Hi, just found your blog through Creature Bug. Loving it! Is Adam at Edinburgh Uni? I live just 20 miles from Edinburgh! Hope he hasn't encountered too many crazy Scottish drivers!


Oh..I hope Adam is all right! I know how you feel. My son is in Ohio and I'm in CT...I see him a couple of times a year and I must say I miss him. But, like you, I am always so happy (and even awed in a weird way) that he's grown up and living his own good life! It's all part of the cycle, isn't it! I liked your illustration of this idea:>


It is VERY remote. I would hate it,but rejoice in the fact that it was right for them. (when I wasn't having a pity party) How is Adam doing? Any news on his dental repair?


I too know how you feel, mine are so far away, it is heartbreaking.


But how lovely that you're so very close to them, no matter the distance...


that's so sad! especially about your poor son being mowed down...hope he's okay? i guess that's a mom's lot...having her birdies leave the nest!


Sorry about Adam being hit by a truck - what a remote chance that would be! I like how your illustration is personal :)

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