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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Kelly Gibbons

What a perfect illo for this time of year. I hate when pumpins get smashed though--that's just not fun!

Maria Antunes

Very nice. I love it. :-)


awww. there's nothing sadder than a broken pumpkin.
Well, unless it's two pumpkins!

Always, great work! I always scroll down and look for your name to select!!!


What a Great pumpkin illustration - simply Smashing!!(hee hee!)
Really, really cute!

Happy Halloween
from The Not-So-great pun-kin

Tommy Boy

Cute! like the moon.

Barbara W. Klaser

I like this illustration. It reminds me of those days when things just keep going wrong--dropping things, not feeling quite "there".


I also love the way the moon is looking down on her and her disaster.


I love the expressions on their faces, especially the witch's-you've captured that perfectly. What a great illustration for Halloween!

To hunt pheasants we headed south toward the Kansas border.


Very cute!

The Unknown

Bah! I always drop the best pumpkin too.

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