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Tuesday, October 18, 2005



That is such a cute banner. I remember those little jumpers. I think we have pictures somewhere with my sisters and me dressed in matching ones.


Love the new banner! What I remember from wearing those sunsuits is how all the elastic would pinch & leave ridge patterns all around me (lol)...But they were cute! Have a good trip to visit your Bonnie (my Bonnie's - did I mention that's my younger daughter's name, too? - bruises are almost gone now from her accident - hope your son's healing that quickly, too)


Wow, my dad's a Scorpio so i feel like I know you just a bit!


I had a similar swimsuit when I was about three or four. I can recall seeing home movies of me at the river...I was evidently taken with filling the top of the suit with water and then squooshing it out with my hands...much to my glee...repeatedly. :)


I only saw those positive qualities when I met you, Diane. (especially the powerful and magnetic!) Have a wonderful time with Bonnie.

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