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Monday, October 10, 2005



Oh, poor Adam! And poor you to get the news in an email. What a relief that he wasn't seriously injured, but I'm sure he'll be quite uncomfortable for a few weeks.

I was in a hit and run a couple years ago, and it's quite unsettling. I really hope they catch the guy that did it!


SO SCARY! I'm so glad he's OK. But man! What an ordeal for all of you. Shudder!


Diane, Thank you for your kind comment to me...I posted a reply on my blog, but wanted to thank you here as well, since I didn't know if you would be visiting it anytime soon. I hope your son has a speedy recovery, & that you'll be able to rest easily soon.


How frightening, for everyone. Reckless driving, hit and runs, oh, they make me furious!!


Thank God, he's okay. But I'm pissed off just sitting here and thinking about the driver didn't even stop! But I am so glad Adam is fine. Your heart must have stopped when you read that email.


Holy God! That email freaked me out-- the poor guy. Damn-- he is lucky and you do have to focus on that but an accident is an accident and this one sure sounds awful--- just know the guy who drove off can't outrun his karma . .


Wow, scary! So glad to hear Adam is alright...the driver's conduct is unforgivable... :-O Are the laws strict in Scotland regarding a hit and run? I sure hope so!!!


I've visited your blog often without commenting, but just had to let you know I'm so glad your son's ok - I received a phone call somewhat similar to your e-mail just this past Sat. night & now I'm thankful not only that my daughter wasn't seriously injured, but at least I could bring her home afterward...I'm sure you must have been so worried! I hope that your son recuperates quickly & easily, & that the person responsible comes forward.


Oh, Diane--that is still upsetting and horrible. I would lose a lot of sleep over it. I am glad he is OK, but still...shiver.


Glad he's okay. That email must have freaked you out! How SHAMEFUL that it was a hit and run...hope they catch the guy/gal who did it.

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