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Wednesday, November 09, 2005



Ack! And the spilling of hot things is so icky! You've got a good friend there.

And yes, Cheney boy is rather insane.

I'm so happy for Bonnie - what an adventure! The cool thing at my college was an archaeology trip to Israel; I never did go. Who knows what adventure I could've experienced?


I will keep that in mind when we out for a coffee in Portland this winter.(I hope!) I spill too, but usually down the front of me. Ashley wants to do that kind of program too; I have already denied a couple of places.(Syria??) She would love to go to India, but that scares me too.


in some cultures, spilling cold stuff on a friend is a sign of affection.

Cheney is insane.

Happy Birthday!!



Spilling is my specialty.... my neighbor even gave me a can of stain remover after we had dinner together a couple of times! And I use it all the time....

You had a great birthday...surrounded by family and friends... ^-^

Go, Bonnie! You must be so proud....never been a mom myself, but worrying is something you all do, right?

Paige Keiser

Happy Birthday!!! :-) mine is nov 13th.


Don't feel all alone on the spilling - I spill drinks so frequently my husband says he's going to put a drain in the middle of the floor (lol). Glad you had a good birthday; hope your mother-in-law heals quickly. It IS so scary for our kids out in the world nowadays (though I suppose every generation of parents thinks that!)

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