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Friday, November 18, 2005



sad news but let's hope for the best and hoping and wishing that it will eventually. at least he can still smile. i wanted to say more and make you and him feel better.....


I'm sorry the dentist didn't have better news for Adam. How frustrating it must be for you to be so far away during a time when you know Adam could really use the help. Hope things work out.


That really does stink. I hate it when any of my kids have problems that I cannot solve! I hope he's not a fan of candy apples.


Wow. Still, glad that it's only his teeth that have suffered damage.


Adam will have to cut things up and use his back teeth for chewing, I suppose. It could be worse, since his bottom teeth seem to have not sustained any damage at all...they are all still in beautiful shape. Of course, his top teeth will soon look absolutely gorgeous again.


Poor Adam. This has really been an ordeal for him. I keep thinking that surely there has to be a silver lining in all of this for him...eventually...but I don't know what it could be...maybe he'll meet a cute girl in the dentist's office?? All I know is, he's due for some very good luck after this. I know it must be hard for you and John to have him going through this when he's so far away. Hugs. xoxo


Sad for someone young to have to deal with this age old/ old age problem...but being young, he may adapt more quickly than us oldsters - not that that's much consolation! So sorry, Diane!


Does he just have to cut it up first, like when one has braces? That is sad though. I would hate the limitations.

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