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Friday, November 25, 2005



I like this very decorative illustration, those ribbons look great.


Tried to talk the Hub into Pride & Prejudice or Walk the Line, we finally compromised on Rent, but I'm determined to go see P & P yet! Love the illo (what could it be in that small jewelry box???? I'd hope it was a necklace or bracelet, if it were under my tree!)


Can't wait to go! I too love little presents . . . especially when they are sparkly.


I love your use of color and pattern. Very sweet illo! Well done.


I love the patterns. See, you're getting in the spirit after all-:)


Wonderful use of shape and pattern. I agree about small boxes, especially if they're blue and say Tiffany on them:> Very nice illustration:>


hi thanks for visiting my blog...I like you illo vey much and I guess it was made in Illustrator too :)


I love your illustration! Isn't working in Photoshop just THE BEST! I love the pattern you have in the background--very very cool! I saw on your profile you are in Portland. LUCKY YOU! I used to live there, but moved to so.cal....I miss portland so much. Hawthorne street...all the good food. SYLVIA'S! I can't remember the name of that big white house they made into a restraunt there on Hawthorne...but loved the breakfast there. Lucky you.... and I TOO lived in Idaho. Ahhh..the Northwest...I sure miss it.--What a creative place, that Portland. :) LUCKY LUCKY YOU!!


That is very festive and cute. You should incorporate into your holiday banner somehow. (remember that I'm not very tech savvy, so forgive me if I've just suggested something stupid)


Love background and ribbons patterns !


I love those little gifts too, especially jewelry sized boxes.

Thanks for a fun afternoon! I can see why you were willing to see P&P twice. I think I might need to go see it again too. Maybe I should watch the mini-series first...

Jacque Davis

I really like the graphic look and the patterns used. Very festive Best Regards, Jacque


i am wondering what would you want to find inside the small box? love the green and red ribbons!

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