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Tuesday, November 15, 2005



I have cut back on the caffeine, but by drinking decaf. My latte fixation hasn ot abated, and frankly, I don't want it to!

Kay Susan

Really nice illustration. Love the colours. Funny, I'm just as addicted to red wine!


Love the illo. I had a screaming caffeine withdrawal headache yesterday after trying to wean myself off the real stuff after days of pumping myself full of it. Although I do like the rush. :) I just love the TASTE of coffee...regular, decaf, coffeehouse or at home...love the ritual of having a steaming mug of it in the morning. :) Good news about your MIL going home.


what a great illustration! the color choices are so good, and of course, so is the subject! makes me want to go make myself a nice cup of coffee right now! :)


She looks very cool!

Maria Antunes

I love coffee. The Portuguese coffee is very good. The question for me is: Do I have the strength to stop? I've already drunk four cups of coffee?! Well... i love your illo. Very good! :-)


Wow! This is really a great illustration and I love your night too! Great work! I love my Dunkin' Doughnuts coffee...it is so addictive! My mom and dad are coming friday! I will take them out for LOTS of coffee!


Coffee...got to love it! Unfortunately, I have restricted myself to one cup a day after my doctor told me it isn't the best thing for my stomach, but it has turned into a daily afternoon ritual that I thoroughly enjoy.

I envy your communications with your parents...both of mine have passed on and I do miss them. And I am glad your MIL is back in her own space...the best kind of rehab!

Thanks for the comment on the Princess... I agree it does sound romantic, but then I stop and think about all the mundane things (cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping) that she will be doing for the first time.... one of her school day friends said last night on the news that her girlfriends were looking forward to having a normal friendship with her, and I just hope they are there to give her lots of support.

Back to my cuppa! ^-^


lovely illustration violet! and good news your MIL is going back home. strong family ties!


Nice illu!!
cool colours


Very cool illo for a hot topic like coffee addiction :>D


hehehe. I love it. I can totally relate, Im the same way, nothing like a good cup of coffee, or two, or three... ;)


I am also not trying to limit my caffeine; it is one of the pleasures of my life. I refuse to give it up unless forced. I'm glad that your mother-in-law is out of rehab and back to (sort of) normal life.


That's a great illo, esp the woman. Great job. Good luck on cutting the caffine.


OOOh, let me know if she wins! I have been trying to win this one for years!!!

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