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Sunday, November 06, 2005



I am new to iPods - I just got a nano and love it. If you are looking for a nice new case to go with your new ipod - check out a.b sutton - http://www.absutton.com it is a small, husband and wife (I think) team, I ordered case from them and just got it and it is beautiful!


I am so impressed by your techie-ness! I want an ipod but I don't know what they are, exactly or how to work one . .


I have been very impressed with Apple too. I had a beautiful pink mini ipod which was the apple of my eye(no pun intended) but sadly she died. But fortunately Apple gave me a new baby in the shape of a Nano, now I love it as much as I loved my mini ipod. Sad I know!!


I don't yet have an Ipod and I think I've resisted purchasing one because I know I'll get hooked. Weird rationale, I know...




Go, Diane! You have me almost wishing my iPod Shuffle would crash...^-^ It is such great technology..how did we ever live without it before! I recently splurged and bought the adaptor for my car...now I can listen to my music as I drive....it is such fun!


I've tried replying to your last couple of comments via email...and the emails are getting bounced back with a delivery failure notice. Have you changed your email address and maybe it's populating my comment box with an old one??


Sounds like it! The stereo system at my brother's bar conked out the other day...so they hooked up the iPod. :)


I am way behind you on that technology, Diane. I have thought about it, but don't have the energy to learn about another machine. Is it easy?


You lucky duck! I am falling way behind on technology because I don't have an iPod, but maybe for Christmas! I know I'll have to get one eventually because they are so versatile.

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