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Tuesday, November 01, 2005



Poor Adam! Hope this doesn't get dragged out much longer...


I would just want the teeth fixed RIGHT NOW. It would bug me so much. Putting a teacher day right after Halloween would be a great idea. It was exhausting to start out the week that way.


I wish Salem had done that. My students were far too slap-happy today.


I'm so bummed for Adam and so sorry it seems to be taking forever. I am not a fan of dental work, so this whole thing sounds just excruciating to me.


Having so recently been thru dental problems myself, I really feel for your son, & 3 weeks seems so long to have to deal with it...But at least the dentist sounds very caring & very professional, consulting with his dentist at home & all. Hope he's able to stay at least semi-comfortable while he waits...
I'm with you on the "Better never call me at THAT time" thought! Have gotten some Late Night calls here & there, aren't quite as bad (for me), since the girls know I'm a night owl anyway (they know Mom's definitely NOT an early bird! (Maybe that other parent is an early bird & they figured it was better to call early am than late pm??) Anyway, glad it wasn't me (or you!) Hope you got some rest with all that going on!


I remember the days of staying up all night..but yeah, my parents would never have come at 5 am to pick me up..they'd probably tell me to go to sleep and wait till the afternoon. Of course, I doubt I'd risk calling them at that hour either!
Oof, the tooth problem sounds quite painful. Hope it will all be over with soon and that everything goes smoothly.

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