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Monday, November 07, 2005



Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law...hope she's back up and around soon. Do tell, where did you and your girlfriends have dinner? Someplace scrumptious?


Hope you're birthday's wonder-filled!
So sorry about your mother-in-law - hope she heals quickly - at least she didn't break her hip, thank goodness.
The instructor tale gave me a grin - what a nice early
birthday present - lol
Enjoy your day!


Happy Early Birthday--it sounds like the festivities have already begun. It is very annoying and uncomfortable to have a broken hand. It is difficult to dress and do other...necessities. (I speak from Alison's experience, and not mine) Hope your special day is wonderful!


Hope you had a great birthday! So cute that Bonnie is into anime. And I hope the MIL is much better.

Barbara W. Klaser

Happy Birthday!

And I hope your mom-in-law recovers quickly. Ouch!


Hey Birthday Girl!
Hope you have a wonderful day today (the 8th) and that all the celebrating lets you know how special you are to your loved ones.

So sorry to hear about you MIL. Hope she is up and around very soon.


A...very merry Birthday, to you, TO YOU!! Eat lots of cake!

And I hope your Mother in law recovers speedily - but I am loving the quote about the naked body. Too, too funny. That's something that you and Bonnie can say to each for the rest of your lives and just giggle away.


Have the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!!!! Best wishes for a year ahead filled with health and sweet surprises.

I am so sorry to hear about your MIL-- that is so painful and distressing--- and will be hard for her in the weeks ahead-- I'm sending her my thoughts for speedy, painless healing.

And, "a naked body is not a costume"-- whoo I love that. Wouldn't that be a great tagline of a blog?


Hi, Birthday Girl! Have a wonderful day....

And I hope your mom-in-law is back on her feet asap...she sounds like such a great lady!


Happy Birthday and I am wishing your wishes will come true. Have a nice celebration!

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