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Monday, December 05, 2005



Your post was absolutely gut-wrenching. That poor mom. And dad.


Everyone who dies is somebody's child... it's the relatively innocent youth that gets us, I think.. unless, of course, it is your OWN child, or it reminds you of your own child(ren). I counseled parents of a 3-letter highschool senior/athlete killed by a drunk driver the same year my daughter was to graduate... Cried more at that stranger's memorial than at my own parents' services.... And of course, when there is no time to prepare, the shock is numbing.
So I am especially glad you could remember and re-create such a charming blue-bird of happiness.


that was so sad...
i could feel the sting of tears
as i read what you wrote about
the mother collapsing...

so hard...such loss


I cannot imagine living through such pain--- how do you go on living? I am so sorry---


That is my worst nightmare. I knew a family who went through this, and they were never the same. They were happy again, and lived, but were never, ever the same.


I can't think of anything more sad. My heart and prayers are with you all.

Barbara W. Klaser

It's a wonder parents ever survive a tragedy like that. So sad. My heart goes out to your friends.


with deepest sympathy.....


The feelings are hard for me to deal with, having lost two younger brothers at 16 and 23. I know the devastation, and the feeling of unreality all too well.


How very, very sad.


My heart just aches when I read this. I cannot possibly imagine how much this hurts.


I have never had to go through the same experience, but just reading your words brings tears to my eyes.


I can't imagine what it would be like going to a child's funeral. It makes me so sad just to think about it. What a tragic loss for your friends.

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