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Monday, January 09, 2006



You are a busy lady! I messed up y blog when I was editing it and had to delete it and I lost the comment. I am not the best when it comes to blogger. I went out this weekend and bought a bag full of "stuff" to seal my drafty windows! AND I carry small space heater room to room! Crazy!


I hope it all works out.


Ugh! Our furnace isn't working properly either, so I feel your pain. But the leaky roof? What a pain, especially with all this rain and wind. Hope it gets fixed soon. And hope your evening was fun despite the house troubles.

Oh! and I love the new look. That banner art is so fun!


So . . . where did the heat then go? I'm glad your furnace did not become a supernova while it was chomping away. Sounds kind of scary.


I keep sending you sunshine, but it must be dissipating somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.... come to think of it, 5000 miles is a long way...oh, well, can you give me credit for trying? ^-^


I so feel for you on the house problems. I had furnace issues this summer, and then leaky(more like flood) problems in December. We want to feel comfortable, and RELAXED in our homes, not stressed. I hope it all gets fixed soon.

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