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Thursday, January 05, 2006



I'm impressed. Who wouldn't want to jump into that world?

Barbara W. Klaser

Oh, I like that.


It is extremely cute. I love it! (and you have it in your banner too--very clever)


It was worth the wait.
this is a cute illustration with lovely color.
The holidays are always full of flavor.


Very cute, very sweet, very bright...I like it! I say it's better to draw it than eat it:> New look on your blog? This blue is gorgeous:>


ohh this is so cute! and that candy looks mighty yummie!! hihi...



Definitely cute! Suddenly, for some strange reason, my sweet-tooth is craving chocolate...


It makes me want to eat some red hots straight out of the bottle. And some red licorice. And some black licorice. So much for NY's resolutions!


What a fun illustration!! LOVE the colors and all of those sweets!

Majeak Ann

So sweet! Nice memories came to me when I saw this, it reminds me of one of favorite books I read when I was little, "Hansel & Gretel", the witch's house...Colorful colors!! Well done!

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