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Sunday, January 15, 2006



This is great! The world could use a lot more openess and willingness to try to understand other's believe systems. Sounds like a lovely time.


The Muslims record the story as Ishmael being the almost-sacrificed son...interesting that they are so similar yet place a different character in the story...


It does sound interesting, and wonderful. I love learning about other cultures and religions. So many of my students don't handle the differences very well; they are so judgemental.

Inge Schonbrod


In the stories the Jews have recorded, it was Isaac who was to be sacrificed, not Ishmael. God eventually didn't allow the child to be sacrificed, but He was testing Abraham's obedience and He provided a lamb to replace the child just before the sacrifice took place. Christians believe the lamb is a symbol for Christ, also called the Lamb that was slain. Since His sacrifice (of giving His life at the cross) was to provide the ultimate sacrifice for forgiveness of the sins of mankind (whoever recognizes, believes and accepts this sacrifice and therewith Jesus as their Savior).


Inge Schonbrod

Something totally off topic...
I just did a search on the web on Dutch stores in Portland Oregon and your name (violetsmycolor) came up and you were saying there is a Dutch store in Portland :)...
I'm very Dutch (newly 'imported', married an American) and we're moving to the Portland area this weekend. Could you please let me know what store this is and where it's located?

Thanks in advance!

Thank God for stroopwafels!


How is the Muslim version different from the Judeo-Christian version? If I were a better Bible scholar I'd know right away, but I'm curious.


You had to share the food details, you just had to make sure I was drooling before you finished, non? Oh it sounds like SUCH a lovely evening!


What a great time. John sounds like such a neat guy - you must be proud.


It sounds lovely.

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