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Wednesday, January 25, 2006



This is so educational! I too was sucked into a Cutco purchase last summer when my little brother was selling them. Haven't cut myself yet, but I've left marks in every cutting board and countertop, and I could sure use a knife skills class. I didn't know they existed.

Lorna Brown

You need some chain-mail gloves.

OR to use a rubber stunt knife.


Ouch! Sharp knives are certainly a hazard, but a dull knife is so infuriating. I was lucky enough to get a fabulous dicing knife from my grandpa a couple years ago. It's sharp enough to cut vegetables easily, but not so sharp as to be dangerous to me. Hope your knife starts behaving itself!


Ouch! Hope you're ok - fingers are so sensitive; I hate when I get cuts... and I hate when inanimate objects attack :>)

Maybe it wouldn't be so spiteful if you tried buttering it up (tee hee)


Oh, my gosh. I bought a whole set of them and am terrified to use them, for the same reason. The last time I cut myself, I had to go to the nurse at school because my thumb wouldn't stop bleeding. It soaked through every bandaid I had. It was kind of scary.


Oh I bet they're the Cutco knives, huh? My newphew sold these a few years ago, as a summer job. Of course everyone bought some and I can't tell you how many times I've almost performed major surgery on my hands without intending to do so!

Barbara W. Klaser

I'm 49, and I still have Cutco knives I bought when I was 21! They have lasted. A few pieces have worn out or broken, but I'm very impressed by how they've lasted compared to other things I've purchased since then--like the purse from K-Mart with the strap that broke the second time I used it. (One of those you-get-what-you-pay-for lessons, if ever there was one.)


If you cut with your knuckles out and your thumb tucked under, you won't cut your thumb. Also, start with the blade end touching behind what you are cutting and pull towards you, lift the knife as little as possible.

See here:


A good knife skills class is Way Worth It - my husband has become MUCH better!

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