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Wednesday, January 18, 2006



oh how fun! i wish i could have been there enjoying a mocha with you gals!


You both look great - How fun to meet each other in person!


You Photoshopped yourself? Hahahahaha! If anyone could have used a little Pixel dust yesterday, it was ME! :) Wish we'd had more time...next time. I agree...I could have sat and talked for hours...

P.S. Our laptop's not working...ack!!!! (I'm typing this at the library.)


First of all, I love the new banner, and I've been meaning to tell you I really like the 'new' layout! How awesome that you got to meet my favorite Marilyn - it's so much fun that you could connect in person. And I love this picture of you, don't remember seeing what you looked like before.

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