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Monday, January 02, 2006



This is a very touching post! I oftentimes flashfoward to the future, to the day when my kids will go through their teenage angst years, to the days when having mama around is embarrassing. And I know in my heart that I will long to mother them and pamper them much like I do today! So I'm trying to savor every moment with them now.

But of course, as you've shown, the mothering continues regardless! So I get that to look forward to as well! Yay! :)


So he must have left today...you must be sad to see him go. I know what lengths I would go to to protect my nieces and nephew...so I can only imagine that one would go three times as far to protect their own children. Holding a good thought for him that he'll have a GREAT 2006...he deserves it!


I can so relate to this; parenting is hard and poignant. I don't think I could look at the photos either; helping our kids is our unobtrusive way of smothering them with love. I'm very happy that he is better.


Plain yikes. I try not to worry when my husband is out on his road bike in the rain--but that's a vivid reminder of how dangerous it can be.

loretta Marvel

I don't know how you got through this and didn't go to pieces! Both of you are very brave and in the lawyer in me keeps thinking how awful it was as a hit and run with no one to sue!


I have a hunch we will never stop the mothering. Can't. (And the kids wouldn't want us to!)


Glad to hear that Adam is being patched up little by little. I know what you mean by not being able to think about what happened to him, or even see the pictures. You're a good mom and he's lucky to have you!


Reading about you fixing up his sweatshirt gave me a bit of jolt. Thinking about what could have been, and thankful nearly all his scrapes were quite fixable. He's brave for getting back on his bike! And you are such a good mom to help him through all this.

I'm hoping this next semester in Scotland will be less 'adventurous.'


And you are very good at it....why should you stop?

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