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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Barbara W. Klaser

I'm not cool enough to know what MIP is either. Thank goodness for the nerdy gamers party. That's where the smart kids were, not at the lame one, pickling their brain cells and hiding behind bushes, for crying out loud.

What were those parents thinking? They must have already been three sheets to the wind, and slightly insane as well, when they decided to do that. Gah!


I hated being a nerd at the time (in high school), but it probably did me some good. Kept me anchored and on-track. Unfortunately, I birthed a kid with an outgoing personality (which can be a good thing) but who tended to take a lot of risks throughout high school. Put me through the ringer. What's interesting is that now going on 20, he's mellowed quite a lot and has taken more of a conservative approach to many things. I never quite know with him what I'm in for. I just hope I don't have to deal with being put through the ringer anymore.


I love uncool! I was very nerdy and brainy in high school. Ashley was at home with us playing Cranium Turbo and Alison was at a friend's house with 4 parents in attendance. I asked about drinking and she acted like I was crazy.


Hey, I didn't know what MIP was...and my family's been in the bail business for 30 years. :) Glad to hear Ross has his priorities straight.

(Have you ever posted a photo of the Coffee Girls?? I'd love to see them!) :)

loretta Marvel

Thank Gd for nerdy kids. I LOVE my own!


Wow! Interesting story! Love your new digs here with the banner! Dare I say "sexy?" Making up for being nerdy in high school I suppose.


Yay for nerdy gamers. I think it's just fab that your son doesn't feel the need to go to THE party, and that he has his own set of friends that think what they do is cool. I hope when my little boy grows up, he'll have that.


Faboo new layout/banner! You so stylin'!

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