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Sunday, February 19, 2006



That is just so very cool that you got to meet up with Margaret while she was in your neck of the woods. I've known her for a very long time. Isn't she great?

Barbara W. Klaser

Exciting event. I so agree with what Franken said in response to your question. For me that's one of the most disturbing developments I can remember in recent history. If only everyone could think so reasonably about it. Thanks for sharing.


Sounds like a purrrrrrfect weekend! That picture of you and Margaret is so sweet!


Sounds like a great weekend - you have a knack for meeting the coolest people!


oh, how cool that you got to speak to al franken!! i'm glad you had a chance to get out and meet with a friend, from the pic it looks like you both had a great time. :-)


Ooh, Margaret...please tell her I said HI! We've only exchanged a handful of comments and emails, but she seems a delight. Great about Al Franken...and very cool for an aspiring comic.


It was fun, wasn't it? (even though I didn't understand the waitress and tried to ruin our free breakfast) It is always a pleasure to visit with you;it makes me think that the world is not such a crazy place.

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