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Saturday, February 25, 2006



Bonnie sounds like an absolutely delightful young woman. What a wit she has! Is writing in her future?


Bonnie is downright hilarious. The play format of her almost fiery demise is brilliant indeed. Let's pray an icicle doesn't off her and that spring will be there soon!


Ack. "Laughed at" not "laughed her"


I not only love Bonnie's quotes in the post, I particularly laughed her the comment she "didn't" leave. Ha!

Identity not to be revealed.

Bonnie is obviously the most brilliant, talented, charming, wonderful person EVER.

Barbara W. Klaser

Terrific. Of course only the most brilliant and creative talk to themselves while doing . . . whatever.


Your daughter is adorable! I hope she's considering being an English or Creative Writing major!


Thanks for the morning laugh....you are such a talented family!


Yep, that was my 'song' illo...siren's song, as recommended by my hubby...


She has a gift for writing, Diane. I borrow from Ashley's writings once in a while too. I would certainly like her to post something funny, like Bonnie. (not all her college agonies)


Oh - I hit the button too soon! I wanted to tell you how much I like your new banner - was that your "Song" illo for Friday? I love mermaids and pirates.


What a wonderful, witty young woman! No wonder you're so proud of her :-)


Very cute and funny. :)

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