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Friday, March 03, 2006



What a fascinating life you lead, Diane!


I only made it halfway through "Reading Lolita..." I was enjoying it, but maybe I just couldn't fully lose myself in it BECAUSE of the literary analysis. It's still on the shelf...and in my mental "I must finish it someday" stack. :)

Barbara W. Klaser

What an interesting pair of events. I'm going to look for Reading Lolita in Tehran.


i would like to read on but i cannot focus now and i will read this post later....


Dinner sounds as yummy as the book!


I tried to read the book at least twice and got bogged down in the literary analysis. I am sure it was interesting to hear her speak.

I just LOVE your new banner! So whimsical, colorful, and so spring!


You are so busy, and have such an interesting life. We are in Burbank for a meet, and haven't spotted a single celebrity yet.


you have just reminded me
that i
wanted to read
that book...

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